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The Best Attractions Places In Little Rock

What can I do if I had to take someone around the city and only had one day to show them the best of Little Rock, Arkansas? These are all the tourist attractions in Little Rock everyone’s favorite, all can do within 24 hours, you can choose the timing, speed and stretch your tour over the weekend, which I recommend, all sights in Little Rock can visit in one day, but This will strain you, but you can enjoy it more without rushing, no matter how long you stay in Little Rock make sure you visit these places.

  • Le Petite Roche

You have to see Little Rock. If you’re in Little Rock, it’s on the city’s name, don’t worry, it’s not too far, and it won’t take you long to get there. You can see it in Riverfront Park, check the map to find its exact location, but it’s in the northern end of Rock Street where you can go and visit your morning here will give you the energy you need until the afternoon.

  • River Market District

Although the market is crowded at night, it is an ideal place to go for breakfast in the morning. From May to October, the farmers market is open at 7 am on Tuesdays and Saturdays with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. There are also a few restaurants open for breakfast; you can have a packed breakfast and take a short stroll to the banks of the Arkansas River, nothing more beautiful than sitting outside and having breakfast in an Arkansas way. Another good place to find great food is RX Catering on Capitol Avenue.

  • The Governor’s Mansion

The Georgian Colonial Palace located at 1800 Center Street in the downtown area, it is nice to see it, but tours not organized regularly, you can schedule a tour or go on a car tour and get some pictures, here are some gossiping information: Did you know that the ruler lived in Trailer for a few years?

  • Heifer International Village and Green Building

One of the nation’s green buildings located in downtown Little Rock. Heifer International has many eco-friendly ideas, and you can take a tour in just 30 minutes. Hyver Village gives you a look at the world hunger problem and how we can help. Friday: 11 am and 3 pm

  • Little Rock Zoo

 Little Rock Zoo is a small zoo that covers about 33 acres. It is short but dense and is home to more than 725 animals, representing more than 200 species and species, so if you wander quickly it will take you more than an hour to see them ultimately, you can overcome that obstacle If you only have one day, it is an excellent place for kids and has some lovely animals including buffy bears, penguins, lions, nice tigers and high monkey areas.

  • Museums

Little Rock has some beautiful museums, depending on your interests, and some famous museums: the Arkansas Art Center, the Arkansas Historical Museum, the Discovery Museum (child-friendly), the High Central Museum, the MacArthur Military History Museum in Arkansas and the Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum on the other side. From the river.

  • The Clinton Library

Even if you never agree with the policies of the former US president, the museum is something worth seeing, the museum has artifacts from his presidency, an oval office made of oak wood, some exquisite exhibits, and it also hosts a different traveling exhibition several times a year.

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